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#The Staircase Design

Astăzi vom discuta despre casa scărilor. De ce nimeni nu își amenajează casa scărilor? Din punctul meu de vedere acest spațiu este mort și asteaptă să fie adus la viață.

Oare cum putem să aducem la viață acest spațiu? Am găsit câteva idei…


Today I am going to tell you something about the staircase. Why isn’t anybody design their staircase? From my point of view this space is dead and it is waiting for you to bring it back to life.

But how can you bring to life a staircase? I have found some ideas…


51Nb7IANQ4L._US500_our vintage home love kitchen Lovely Hallway Stairs Decorating Ideas Hall Stairs And Landing Decoratingb274578504b7cd57b3c1a3b06534df48-1Must-Try-Stair-Wall-Decoration-Ideas-12room.nauticalimages.net-staircase-wall-decor-quote-on-stairsstair-walls-decorating-ideas-for-hallways-and-stairs-decorating-cool-home-decor-ideas-photography-images-on-hallway-walls-stair-walls-decorating-ideas-for-hallways-and

XOXO Andra

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